welcome to the 4th dimension

Are you looking for expert knowledge and support in Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling (BPSM)? Do you have plenty of data, but insufficient manpower for complete synthesis and interpretation?

You have just found the solution: over a decade of expertise in BPSM plus the consulting services of worldclass experts in petroleum systems and geochemistry!

We provide on- and off-site consulting and full support for all aspects of quantitative numerical BPSM. 3D visualization and modeling of the subsurface through time (4D) are keys to understand petroleum migration, accumulation and preservation, and to predict the quality and quantity of prospective discoveries. BPSM allows you to integrate, organize, and capture all aspects of the geology of your study area, including stratigraphy (rock properties, migration pathways, traps, seals), geochemistry (extent and timing of source-rock petroleum generation), and tectonics (basin architecture through time; extension, compression, salt movement). Furthermore, it improves evaluation of geologic risk, which ultimately lowers your exploration costs.

We guide your project from data acquisition through data processing and quality control. Our experts will build a complete geohistory model for your area of interest, including simulation, calibration, and model maintenance and will provide your geologists with interactive interpretations and training that will allow them to maximize exploration success.