north and central america

USA - Alaska North Slope & Brooks Range: reconstruction of paleo-basin geometries; 3D (long distance) migration modeling; 2D structural migration modeling; petroleum systems analysis; pressure and thermal calibration of >400 wells; regional thermal maturity modeling of Shublik Fm, Kingak Fm and other source rocks; play fairway mapping for conventional and unconventional (Shublik Fm) plays; initiation and development of a multi-client regional-scale risk assessment study PUBLISHED
USA - San Joaquin Basin: 3D migration modeling PUBLISHED
USA - Wyoming-Utah Thrust Belt, La Barge gas field: 2D structural migration modeling including structural restoration PUBLISHED
USA - North Louisiana Salt Basin: 3D Migration modeling
USA / MEXICO - Gulf of Mexico: large-scale regional 2D and 3D migration modeling, salt modeling, pressure modeling, resource assessment

CANADA - Alberta Basin: 3D migration modeling
CANADA - Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Carson Basin, offshore Newfoundland: 2D and 3D migration modeling PUBLISHED
CANADA - Western North Atlantic, offshore Halifax: 2D migration modeling with salt restoration
CANADA - Saglek Basin, Labrador Sea: 3D migration modeling
CANADA - Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Islands: 3D migration modeling

CARIBBEAN - Deepwater Trinidad: 2D migration modeling and reconstruction of paleo-geometries / fault movement
CARIBBEAN - Corozal Basin (Belize): 3D migration modeling