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Carolyn worked at BEB (German Branch of Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil) analyzing cores and preparing reservoir-facies maps before receiving a Ph.D. in Geology (numerical simulation) from the University of Cologne in cooperation with the University of Minnesota. She spent seven years as chief geologist at Integrated Exploration Systems GmbH (IES, now Schlumberger PetroMod Group) where she was involved in worldwide training of industry clients, agents and consultants for 2D and 3D BPSM. She is an expert in petroleum systems analysis, migration modeling, charge risk and resource assessment, specializing in support of oil and gas exploration and development projects with international E&P companies. Carolyn is an inaugural co-founder of the Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling affiliates program (BPSM) and a consulting professor in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences at Stanford University.

selected publications

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usgs open file reports

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