hans axel kamna

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Hans Axel ("Hansa") has a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Cologne where he studied the large-scale lignite pits of western Germany. He was granted the "Paul-Woldstedt-Award of Deutsche Quartärvereinigung" for his research on the so-called "Wanderblock-Formation"s in Switzerland. His recent work uses geochemistry, paleomagnetics, magnetomineralogy, clay mineralogy, and sediment petrography in studies of fluvial sedimentology, Quaternary stratigraphy, and climate change. Since 2001 he has applied his expertise as a consultant for the petroleum industry, international geological surveys, and as an invited lecturer at the University of Cologne. He was a Senior Geologist at Integrated Exploration Systems GmbH (IES) for more than two years where he conducted training courses and completed basin modeling projects in worldwide study areas covering five different continents. Hansa specializes in geochemical aspects of petroleum systems modeling (PSM), statistical risk assessment, and advanced applications of BPSM, such as 3D salt restoration and stacked petroleum systems.

selected publications

Kemna, H.A., Kornpihl, K., Majewska-Bell, M., Borracini, F. and Mahon, K. (2008): Structural Restoration and Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Wyoming-Utah Thrust Belt. - poster presented at the AAPG Annual Convention, San Antonio, Texas, April 20-23, 2008.

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