We help to link your data with Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling (BPSM) to ensure maximum efficiency. This does not simply include 'building a model'. We can help you find the right strategy based on the data at hand. We help you to assess data quality, optimize the required data, and talk with all parties involved in a study: geophysicists (maps and horizon interpretation), geochemists (source rock properties, kinetics, PVT), structural geologists (tectonics, faults), etc. We establish time frames required for a fully integrated BPSM study or customize a study according to your deadlines. We take consortia models or spec studies and rerun them with proprietary data for your individual requirement and emphasis, customized to your data and area of interest.

We hope to be an extension of your in-house team of experts, providing you with additional capacity, a unique set of skills and specialist tools. Having worked with clients from all over the world and in a variety of basin settings we offer extensive experience and expert knowledge.

Consulting can be performed either in-house or remotely. Each project may include an initial kick-off meeting to find the right strategy, an end-of project meeting where the results are discussed and presented, as well as intermittent meetings to ensure proper workflow and direction. We hope to develop a long-term relationship with clients where we initiate, guide and provide advice on current and future studies, maintain and build on existing studies, and develop strategies for follow-up projects to reduce cost and risk.

Business oriented goals and tasks:

  • Determine kitchen areas and source rock maturity
  • Hydrocarbon distribution
  • Anticipated hydrocarbon phase and volume
  • Location ranking and well placement
  • Address formation- and over-pressure, tectonics (compressional, extensional, salt movement), faults properties (seals or conduits) or sub-salt plays
  • Risk analysis

Workflow oriented goals and tasks:

  • Guidance and hands-on help for efficient independent work flows in model building
  • Data integration
  • Data optimization and quality control
  • Project and model support (how to get started - how to maintain up-to-date results
  • Integration of project work and cooperative solutions with partner and alliance companies
  • Long-term relationships that value iterative models from inception to integration of exploration data to understanding post-well results

For further information and pricing please contact us.