Training does not mean that we simply teach you how to operate software or how to integrate your data into a numerical model. Our training gives you insight to strategies, including pitfalls of data collection, data integration, and model interpretation, as well as an insight into an integrated approach to BPSM. We address both industry clients and academic geologists, and are proud to announce that we are closely affiliated with the Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling affiliates program at Stanford University.

Training also includes guidance and mentoring for new hires to teach typical workflows, address data needs, integrate BPSM with other project results, develop standard presentations, or attend prospect location and advice, to name but a few. Performing a fully mentored demonstration project with a new modeler will help you to better integrate BPSM into your exploration workflow.

We offer on-site training classes using real data that addresses actual problems related to the client's projects and commercial goals. Our training courses include both presentations and hands-on exercises and are designed to provoke discussion and interaction to maximize learning experience and success.

Some key items include:

  • Learn to use the entire range of standard petroleum systems analysis software, 1D, 2D, 3D, Risk Analysis, etc.
  • Guidance and subject oriented help with our partners' software in the field of basin- and structural modeling
  • Become familiar with features and applications, learn about the latest updates and developments
  • Strategies of Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling, typical workflows, tips and tricks
  • Training by consulting experts in petroleum geochemistry, petroleum systems, reservoir evaluation & prediction, and other topics on request

Martin teaches a comprehensive 5-day course on "PETROLEUM SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND MODELING - Hands-on modeling exercises and case studies, an introduction to Petroleum Systems Evaluation". Click here for more detail.

For further information and pricing please contact us.